About CSP

What is the Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) is a coalition of individuals who receive mental health services, their family members, mental health providers and interested community members along with the Bucks County Department of Mental Health/Developmental Programs and other County Behavioral Health Partners in an equal partnership to promote recovery and excellence in the delivery of community based mental health services.

At monthly meetings individuals come together to exchange information /formulate ideas about how all parts of the local community can coordinate assets to offer the most needed services and supports to people who experience mental health challenges and to identify opportunities where people in recovery can contribute in building a better community.

CSP Vision

Every person with behavioral health challenges will enjoy the highest quality of life.   Quality of life consists of inclusion in community, easy access to and choice of comprehensive treatment services and supports and multiple opportunities to enhance personal growth and recovery.

Our Mission

To provide the space and support for those who attend CSP meetings to work collaboratively together using the CSP principles to evaluate mental health services, policies, regulations, legislation and community opportunities to make recommendations/advocate for change that will positively impact the lives of individuals with mental health challenges.

CSP Goals

Creating Coalitions:
To foster communication and collaborative partnerships among people in recovery, families, professionals and community groups.

To review and make recommendations regarding County, Regional, State and National services, policies, legislation and regulations that impact persons in recovery, their families and the community.

Community Integration:
To support recovery from mental illness by advocating for equal access, opportunities, and choices in education, health care, housing, meaningful work and relationships, transportation and spiritual and leisure activities that represent the character of the community.

Comprehensive Services:
To ensure that community-based behavioral health services and support systems are comprehensive, available, accessible, appropriate and accountable.

To influence and create positive attitudes, behaviors and knowledge about individuals with mental health challenges, families and services. To ensure training and technical assistance in CSP Principles and exemplary practices are provided to persons in recovery, family members, professionals, community decision-makers and the general public.

Please see the CSP Principles page, the Community Support System page and CSP History page for more info about CSP.

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