Upper Bucks CSP Participates in Sellersville Museum’s Forest of Trees

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The Upper Bucks CSP participated this year in the Sellersville Museum’s “Forest of Trees”.

The Sellersville Museum hosts a “Forest of Trees” each holiday season allowing community groups to decorate a tree and compete for votes as the best decorated tree.  Community members vote by placing coins in a jar that is at the foot of each tree, all proceeds benefit the Pennridge FISH  an organization that supports individuals in times of need with food pantry, clothing outlet and financial assistance as a bridge when emergencies occur.


UB Tree 2

Our Tree was decorated with all things CSP: Buttons hand made by the CSP committee members with the button maker that was purchased last year, Recovery Happens Key Chains, You Can Not be replaced wrist bands, Resource Cards and Gingerbread People Garland.

Buttons – Some buttons list the 8 Guiding Principles of CSP and others have inspirational sayings that have significance for individuals who are working on recovery from serious mental health and/or substance use challenges.

“Recovery Happens” Key Chains – These key chains help increase awareness that people with serious mental illnesses CAN and DO   recover and can regain their rightful place in our communities—but many times their fight for recovery is made more difficult by stigma—Change the way you think about mental illness and you can help change a life!

You Can Not Be Replaced Wrist Bands – Approximately 43,000 people die every year in the US from suicide and it is estimated that there are millions more attempts. Most people don’t really want to die they just want the emotional pain they feel to end, pain that is amplified by a sense of being “all alone”. By giving a wrist band to someone who is struggling you can help them feel less alone and perhaps prevent them from becoming suicidal at all.

Resource Cards – These cards are one of the best resources our county has to help direct people to the help they need during times of struggle and crisis. Take one or two with you.

Gingerbread People Garland – Lastly and most importantly we have our “community” of gingerbread people encircling the tree to symbolize the importance of community support and acceptance in the lives of individuals struggling to regain their equilibrium after experiencing mental health crisis or challenge.



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